The P Treatment Revolution

Metabolically. Medically. Safely.

Age is a relative concept. Relative and dependent on the veritable “symphony” that runs inside every living human cell. This complex score of instructions tells us when to get tired, when it’s time to make a baby and when to grow old and frail. All of these cells work in concert, conducting in harmony — a secret language that, up until recently, could not be decoded.

Today, we usher in a revolution in the art of metabolic resets. Because today we understand that these same cells can be reinformed of their time signature through technology, chemistry, and through circumstance.
Dr. Deborah Dunn in her lab
We call this cellular makeover a movement; we call it — The P-Treatment.

The conversation in cutting-edge medicine is now focused on the pulse - how long, how much, and how frequently do we intervene to slow aging.
The conversation in cutting-edge medicine is now focused on THE PULSE - how long, how much, and how frequently do we intervene to slow aging.
Don’t confuse this with a luxury spa visit. The P-Treatment is medically intensive, with over 40 modalities — ranging from hyperbaric chamber to peptides to the latest advancements in stem-regenerative cell transfers, carefully stacked for a huge impact.

The P-Treatment is a 1, 5, 7, or 14-day cellular reset that will have you feeling younger, physically reprogrammed, and ready to surpass the most significant achievements of your past.

And the results — are lab measurable. The P-Treatment will leave you feeling ten years younger as patients maintain: increased energy, smaller waists, body fat reduction, glowing skin, faster muscle recovery, thinking more clearly, and an overall feeling of being more capable and competent.

There are some things you cannot achieve at home or on your own. This is one of them.

The Story...

When Deborah’s young daughter began to have a multitude of health issues that traditional medicine couldn’t solve, Dr. Dunn pursued a completely different approach that took them around the world exposing Deborah already with a background in Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemistry, to medical experts exploring cutting edge biological science.

When her daughter finally received an actual diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a collagen disorder, Deborah dove headfirst into all things collagen.
Dr. Deborah Dunn
What she discovered is that collagen is not only important for wrinkles and joints, but the overall health of arteries and veins. Aging affects collagen and therefore an understanding of genetics, immune regulation, mitochondrial science, and inflammation became a primary goal.
Remarkably, her young daughter's health vastly improved as she began to apply cutting edge protocols of age management used for older patients. As she integrated these therapies for her own patients, she saw unbelievable outcomes in energy, weight, inflammation, skin health and sexual health.
Frustrated by the time restraints of a traditional clinic and knowing that true change came from intensive PULSATILE that she provided for her daughter, she sought a destination setting for her new clinic. A setting where patients could stay adjacent to the clinic in a beautiful hotel surrounded by nature.
Thus The P-Treatment was born, using PULSES OF INTERVENTIONS, followed by controlled recovery. Optimizing safe regenerative science to heal the body and turn back the clock to our younger vital selves.

Evade the natural progression of aging - The P Treatment

This medically intensive treatment facility provides lab-measurable results in slowing the biological hallmarks of aging while enhancing health and longevity. It is a metabolic and cellular reset for your body.
Dr. Deborah Dunn
Dr. Deborah Dunn, MD, MPH, is a leading physician, targeting the biologic hallmarks of aging to slow functional decline while enhancing health and longevity.

All of Dr. Dunn’s clients are seeking similar results, to optimize their peak performance, at any stage, or age, within their lifetime — because they know biological age will not define them.

Our patients range from high-performing athletes looking to improve their superior performance capabilities, to industry leaders seeking to optimize and improve both cognition and virility, to retired mothers and fathers who have finally found the time to choose health — all of them seeking optimal health.
Nestled in the tranquil, mountain resort setting of Vail, Colorado, Dr. Dunn’s state-of-the-art clinic adheres to the strictest guidelines in patient privacy, safety, and time management — one of only a handful of institutions in the world with this specialty.

From intake through release — patients' bodies are tested under stress, calibrated, retested, and optimized using diagnostic technologies, genetic and epigenetic measurements, metabolic energy and blood analysis to create a customized plan whose benefits span from neural rewiring to sexual optimization.

Nature and time should never feel like rivals, instead they should work together to make beautiful music together by slowing the aging process and rebooting your cellular symphony…today.
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