IV Vitamin C - High-Dose

What is it?

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. At low doses it is an antioxidant, while at high doses it acts as a pro-oxidant. Stressing the body with a controlled pro-oxidant results in up regulation of the antioxidant pathways. This should only be done in a medical setting with experienced providers who understand how to assess your needs and how to stop oxidation after a point. High therapeutic levels of Vitamin C are only achieved via IV, this is because absorption is limited by the gastrointestinal tract. Our Vitamin C is not provided in the same way as walk- in infusion centers.

What to expect?

The P-treatment emulates the Riordan Clinic’s IV Vitamin C protocol. Riordan is a world-renowned, academic medical center that has led the world in  IV Vitamin C treatments for integrative oncology and complex chronic illness care since 1975. Dr. Riordan and Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, were colleagues and collaborators at the clinic.

Like all other tools used at The P-Treatment, Dr. Dunn and staff have trained specifically with the experts in each area to provide the best and safest treatment protocols.

The procedure is easy, a simple IV catheter is inserted and an appropriate dose of the treatment is calculated and freshly prepared. Treatment times depend on the dosage and range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The resulting amount of Vitamin C is similar to eating around 2,500-5,000 lemons!

You will be tested for G6PD via a finger stick test. If positive, we will not treat you with High Dose Vitamin C. If you have hemochromatosis, you will also not be a candidate.


  • Vitamin C improves the response of the immune system so your cells are less likely to host an infection
  • Treats active infections, Lymes, bacterial or viral infections
  • Relieves Arthritis Pain
  • Lessens pain after injuries
  • Helps the body heal faster
  • L-carnitine synthesis.
  • Decreases altered cholesterol and lipids
  • Improves energy levels
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Improves the response to cancer therapies, it alleviates the effects of traditional therapies, improves appetite, lessens pain, and helps patients remain more active.
  • Decreases glucose
  • Decreases advanced glycation endpoints by 73% for better skin
  • Adjuvant for Cancer*(We do not treat cancer, your oncologist must fax a script to Dr. Dunn to order)
  • Like other tools, this is often layered into a stacking protocol that often includes hyperbaric, glutathione, lymphatic work or aesthetic work.

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