Magnetolith / EMTT

EMTT®- Extracorporeal high frequency magnetic field therapy.

EMTT® is a FDA cleared device non-invasive, evidence-based procedure developed specifically for the treatment of degenerative joint disorders, acute and chronic pain, and sports injuries. 

EMTT®  uses high-energy magnetic pulses transmitted at an oscillation frequency that reaches deep tissue penetration. Essentially, EMTT causes biological effects, including the therapeutically effective magnet field, the normalization of the membrane potential, and the mechanical activation of the ionic channels. 

The hand piece is positioned over the area of pain while you remain fully clothed - direct skin contact is not necessary. The procedure does not require anesthesia and allows you the ability to immediately bear weight (i.e. walk), and return to normal activity shortly following the procedure.

Clinical Indications: 

  • Degenerative joint diseases and disorders
  • Non Healing bone Unions
  • Wear and tear conditions: osteoarthritis (knees, hips, shoulders,
  • elbows, feet), herniated discs, spondylarthrosis
  • Chronic pain treatment: back pain, lumbago, tension, radiculopathy
  • Sports injuries: Inflammation of tendons and joints, tendon overuse
  • syndromes, inflammation of the pubic bone
  • Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy to temporarily increase
  • local blood circulation in healthy leg muscles
  • Post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles: preventing venous
  • thrombosis
  • Maintaining and improving range of motion
  • Temporary relief of sore and achy muscles
  • Relaxation of muscle spasm


Treatment sessions take approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the condition. 

Treatments may be done 1-2 times per week, with up to 10 sessions in a 5 week period. 

Many patients report a significant improvement in their symptoms after just a few sessions.

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