40 Hz Brain Treatments

What is 40 Hz?

40 HZ is a non-invasive therapy that uses light or sound, that flickers or pulses, at 40 times per second. 40 Hz light and sound can create brain wave entrainment, which is when brain waves adjust their frequency to match the rhythm of external stimuli.  Research shows that when brain wave entrainment occurs at 40 Hz improved memory and concentration levels occur due to increased gamma wave production.

40 Hz therapy, which is non-invasive, has shown to be beneficial for those with Alzheimer's disease

What to Expect: 

40 Hz light is placed in your peripheral vision, while reclining in a comfortable chair or the light is used as a layering tool. Tools we commonly layer with 40 HZ are intravenous Piracetam, Turbosonic, and Nano-Vi.  In order for the light to be effective it needs to enter the visual field for approximately 30 minutes. 

40 Hz sound therapy also known as binaural beats are created by using two different tones that work together. The combination of the two tones together creates a third frequency. The third frequency can be observed as the difference between the two coherent tones; hence, a left ear stimulation of 40 Hz and a right ear stimulation of 80 Hz would propagate the entrainment of a 40 Hz oscillation in the form of a binaural beat. You may listen to 40 Hz sound therapy during many of your treatments.


  • Improved concentration
  • Improved memory
  • Relaxation
  • Improved meditation
  • Increased lucid dreams
  • Animal studies show post-mortem decrease in Amyloid Plaque
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40 Hz Brain Treatments is used in the following treatments

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