Shockwave for Cellulite

What is it?

Acoustic Wave Treatment or Shockwave Therapy is a research studied and approved intervention to decrease the appearance of cellulite by promoting new stronger collagen, elastin, and lymph around fat. It is the only treatment available to activate new lymphatic vessel growth.

Shockwave therapy for cellulite works by emitting painless sound waves from the device into the skin, septae, fluids, lymph, and lymph vessels to encourage healing and growth of these tissues. The sound waves create a tiny amount of turbulence in the treatment area to which the body responds by sending thousands of signals to repair, heal, and stimulate new growth.  Another plus is the direct mechanoreceptor pro skin growth activation is triggered by the initial surface wave itself on the skin. There is no other non-invasive device that can target so many structures to create such a powerful whole system healing effect.

Everyone has cellulite. Fat coalesces into fat droplets held into place by collagen fibers called septae. Lumps from cellulite become more noticeable for the following reasons: 1) The septae weaken with age or hormones, 2) the fat is too large to be contained in the space, and 3) the lymphatic fluid and congestion cannot drain due to aging or genetically weak lymphatics. . Men and women lay down fat and septae directionally different and cellulite is more noticeable in women.

Acoustic Wave technologies has been used to break down crystals in kidneys, to repair heart tissue in heart failure and remodel scar tissue in muscle, ligaments and joints. 

What to expect?

Treatment time is one hour. Acoustic Shockwave therapy creates cellular damage followed by the growth principle, so similar to  exercise, frequency counts. However, if combined with our lipolytic treatments, fat pockets will reduce and septae will strengthen noticeably within one treatment. If combined with the Medical Fasting week, significant remodeling occurs during this catabolic state and strong growth of the collagen/skin fibroblasts occur upon refeeding. We recommend 5 treatments if you are here for the week, then a repeat once to twice a year. This is a layering tool at our clinic, thus you will have RF/PEMP plus the mesotherapy wrap based on the goal. 



  • Natural body signaler
  •  Non-Invasive
  •  No downtime
  • No needles
  •  Increase in microcirculation
  •  Increase in elasticity of skin
  •  Increase in lymphatic drainage 
  • Increase in collagen production. 
  • Decrease fat in fat pockets.
  • Increase strength of the Septae to hold fat in. 
  • Increase lymph flow/strengthen lymph vessels/new lymph vessels
  • No side effects unless your skin is very sensitive. In that case, there could be minor bruises.
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Shockwave for Cellulite is used in the following treatments

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