Peptide BioRegulators

Most people are familiar with collagen peptides. Yet, they are unaware of the thousands of other peptides used for health benefits. 

Peptide Bioregulators are small strings of amino acids that communicate with a specific section of your DNA. Peptides activate genes for expression and overall cellular regeneration. They can be given orally, subcutaneously, or via IV. Peptides have been used safely for decades in other countries without side effects or allergies. There is robust research on human cohort studies published in NCBI and other engines. 

Peptide Bioregulators were first discovered by the Russian scientist Professor Vladimir Khavinson, he was asked to investigate premature aging of the military soldiers during the Cold War. Dr. Khavison discovered a biological reserve of natural peptides in each organ that optimized the health of that organ..

At The P- Treatment, Peptide Bioregulators are used to improve pathway signaling for optimizing health. They are formulated specifically per patient based on the treatment goals, Your peptide administration will be carefully staged within other treatment services to augment a biological effect. For example, you may receive a skin peptide if you have chosen an aesthetics package or an anti-inflammatory peptide if you are here for metabolic week.  


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