Nano Vi

What is it?

Nano-Vi is administered using a nasal cannula with structured or ordered water. The water droplets in the airstream are distributed through a nasal cannula to your cells.  

Structured water "contains molecules lined-up in an orderly fashion, which makes it easier for the water to enter cells and hydrate them. Highly structured water can also reject toxins and has a much higher potential energy than regular water. All these characteristics are integral to optimal cellular performance.Folded protein structures in the cells create an active cell, however, due to stress and aging, the protein structures unfold and become ineffective. "

Benefits of Nano Vi:

  • Increases: Catalase( low catalase associated with graying of hair),  immune response, stronger antioxidant defense system- 13% increase glutathione after a single use, DNA repair-25% decrease in double stranded DNA breaks, Heart Rate Variability, intracellular protein folding.
  • Decreases: oxidative stress production, 14% decrease in Oxidative stress markers in a single session, lactate post exercise 


It is recommended that you use nano-vi after a hyperbaric oxygen treatment so that your oxygen can be utilized to it’s fullest capacity.

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