Skin BioRevitalizer

Biorevitalization is a process which triggers the natural collagen production in the skin. This rejuvenation occurs through the injection of microdroplets of amino acids, peptides vitamins, and non cross-linked hyaluronic acid(HA). Biorevitalizers are administered via a tiny mesotherapy needle. 

As we age, we have less naturally produced HA, vitamins, and peptides in our tissues. Skin dehydration and dullness are telltale signs of aging. The rejuvenating power in the Biorevitalization treatment feeds the skin’s cells at a deep level and results in supple, younger-looking skin, reduced wrinkles and improved elasticity. 

Unlike “fillers” that use cross-linked HA that can last up to 5 years, we use only non cross-linked HA, amino acids and vitamins that hold low risk of granuloma formations, lumps or allergic reactions.

Should you desire to have a traditional filler during your stay, we can arrange for a skilled injector to provide this procedure for you.  However, it is not in our typical menu of services and thus requires coordination in advance.

Biorevitalization is not only for mature skin but it is also recommended as a form of prevention of cell senescence, glycation, UV damage, and oxidation.

Those who are pregnant, nursing, or have infectious lesions near injection sites are not candidates for Biorevitalization.

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