Energy Reset

Starting from $TBD
Sessions Available: 6 day / 14 day
Recommended Frequecy: 1 - 2 sessions per year

This treatment is designed for individuals of all ages with symptoms of decreased energy.  If you have noticed increased difficulty with exercise, slowing cognition, sleep, HRV, coping skills and low motivation this treatment is for you. Your symptoms may have occurred gradually or suddenly after an illness. The P-Treatment can help you evaluate why you are fatigued and support your cellular recovery.

  • Methylene Blue
  • NAD
  • Biocharger
  • Peptides
  • BallancerPro

Treatment Modalities

The following treatment modalities may be included in this treatment. For further information, please click on the links below to explore our treatment modalities. 
  • 1 Bioenergetic Mitochondrial Assessment Testing
  • Medical Fasting Kit
  • 5 day 750mg IV NAD
  • Peptide Therapy
  • Daily Personalized Targeted Mitochondrial Exercise
  • 4 GI Detoxification
  • Daily Personalized Supplements
  • 1 Sauna
  • 2 Vibratory Sessions
  • 2 Bio Charger Sessions
  • 2 Lymphatic Treatments with Light Therapy Meditation
  • 1 Physician Intake Appointment
  • 1 Physician Discharge Appointment
  • Personalized Take-home Playbook for Maintenance
  • 2 COVID PCR Travel-approved Tests

Ready to book a treatment?

Please complete our contact form to reserve your session or if you have any questions. For immediate assistance, please call us directly at (970) 476-7334
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