Ballancer Pro Lymphatics Device

The Ballancer Pro is an FDA approved smart compression device designed to target either the lymph system or the muscle layer in a nature mimicking pulsatile action. The device first uses smart technology to read and map the body. The program then begins to waken the larger lymph structures in the core body thus opening the suction aspect of the core lymph nodes to pull fluid from the rest of the body’s lymphatic circulation network. After the initial activation, the suit begins compression from the extremities up to the thoracic area. This program activates the Parasympathetic system; the system of healing and rejuvenation. 

Lymphatic fluid’s primary responsibilities include: maintaining fluid balance, fat and protein absorption, transportation of immune cells made in the thymus and bones, and waste removal. Like regular vessels, lymph vessels also age, becoming less robust to move fluid and waste. “Puffiness” around the eyes or swelling of legs during a long plane trip are examples of stagnant lymph. 

At The P-Treatment, this device is used as a layering modality. For example, it is added to assist detoxification during metabolic week and to enhance neurogenesis during neurological week. 

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