Covid 19 Testing and Treatment

Masks are still required for office visits. Supportive therapies such as vitamin kits and IV treatments available for stable patients.

The Greatest Adventure Lies Within You

Discover your cellular landscape & let us guide you to alter the course of biological aging

Our Treatments

human liver

Surgical Support

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Sexual Wellness

Dandelion metaphorically represents brain cells connected

Neuro Optimization

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Woman's knee joint with her hands on it

Joint Regeneration

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Immune Rest

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Athletic Performance

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Age Maintenance

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Aesthetic Treatments

Evade the natural progression
of aging… The P-Treatment
If you’re looking for a luxury spa, 
look elsewhere
This medically intensive treatment facility provides lab measurable results in slowing the biological hallmarks of aging while enhancing health and longevity. It is a metabolic and cellular reset for your body.
Reset the aging process

Dr. Deborah Dunn MD, MPH 
and the P-Treatment

The story…
When Deborah’s young daughter began to have a multitude of health issues that traditional medicine couldn’t solve, Dr. Dunn pursued a completely different approach that took them around the world exposing Dunn, already with a background in Chemistry and Pharmacology, to medical experts exploring cutting edge biological science. She became inspired to pursue a degree in Environmental Medicine, which led to a fellowship in Integrative Medicine and the completion of her functional medicine program.

When her daughter finally received an actual diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a collagen disorder, Dunn dove headfirst into all things collagen.
Dr. Deborah Dunn
What she discovered is that collagen is not only important for wrinkles and joints, but the overall health of arteries and veins. Aging affects collagen and therefore an understanding of genetics, mitochondrial science, and inflammation became key in the development of her innovative treatments.

In addition, applying this knowledge to sexual health, she learned that arteries and veins deliver blood to sexual tissues, therefore keeping oxidative health under control is essential to restoring performance, strength, and stamina.

Thus the P-Treatment was born, using safe regenerative science to stimulate collagen and turn back the clock to our younger vital selves.
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