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Sessions Available: 1 day / 5 day
Recommended Frequecy: 1 to 3 sessions per year

This treatment evaluates and corrects symptoms of prostatitis. Only 5% to 10% cases of prostatitis are identified as bacterial in origin. If you have already been worked up for prostatitis with labs, urine samples, and imaging and have received negative results, then you may be interested in our treatments for prostatitis. The P-Treatment uses researched backed protocols to increase vascularization, decrease scar tissue and rejuvenate muscles in the pelvic region.

  • Shockwave- reduces pain by interrupting the flow of nerve impulses by hyper-stimulation of nociceptors and nerve endings, revascularization of tissues enhancing their healing, and reduction in muscle tone and spasm¬†
  • Emsella- tightens and rejuvenates muscles in the pelvic girdle, reducing urinary leakage
  • Hormone Replacement-to optimize cellular signaling for healing and repair
  • Appropriate injections with peptides to control inflammation and stimulate healing

Treatment Modalities

The following treatment modalities may be included in this treatment. For further information, please click on the links below to explore our treatment modalities. 
  • 1 Physician Intake Appointment and Examination
  • 60 ml PRP Injection to Appropriate Tissues
  • 2 Emsella
  • 2 Storz Focused Low Energy Shockwave
  • Hormone Evaluation and Recommendation
  • 1 Forma V RF
  • 1 Lymphatic Treatment with Light Therapy Meditation
  • 1 Physician Discharge Appointment
  • 1 Sensory Kit
  • 1 Penile Pump or Vaginal Muscle Stimulator
  • Personalized Take-home Playbook for Maintenance
  • COVID PCR Travel-approved Test

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