IV Ketamine

What is it?

Ketamine is one of the safest anesthetics and is still the primary surgical anesthetic for children. Besides its safety profile, it was discovered to enhance mood and cognition and was soon adopted by the psychiatry world for helping those patients suffering from treatment resistant depression.  Thousands of research studies later revealed Ketamine’s ability to grow new neurons and change old brain pathways. This is called neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. 

What to expect?

At The P-Treatment we make this an integrative experience by asking you about your preferences regarding set and setting, such as: aromatherapy, spiritual tokens, candles, music, lymph massage, and intentions setting. 

From a medical side, we adhere to the strictest policies for safety and compliance. We only provide Ketamine via IV route. You will always be with a trained medical provider (RN or MD), monitored both prior to the treatment, during and after treatment. If needed, medications to control blood pressure and anxiety will be prescribed. Oxygen is always provided. 

How does it work? What are its benefits?

  • Ketamine enhances neuroplasticity by significantly increasing Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor(BNDF). BDNF is a type of brain fertilizer that helps protect the brain from injury, and stimulates new neural growth.
  • Images from animal studies dramatically demonstrate the sprouting of new dendritic branching after Ketamine use. 
  • Decreases rumination by normalizing the default mode network.
  • Blocks glutamate receptors, a neurotransmitter associated with brain excitotoxicity and inflammation. 

How many treatments will I need?

The P-Treatment primarily uses Ketamine for its neuro regenerative capabilities, even a single treatment has a lasting impact; especially when layered into the other neuro regenerative modalities. For those with more challenging and focused goals, a total of 6 sessions over the course of 3 weeks if often the protocol.

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Ready to reserve a session?

Please complete our contact form to reserve your session or if you have any questions. For immediate assistance please call us directly at (970) 476-7334
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