We simply live in a world where we cannot receive all nutrition from food. Be it lack of time to properly ferment, cook or grow, or being afflicted with dysfunction of absorption due to genetics or disease. The bottom line is we do need supplementation.

Dr. Dunn doesn’t look through supplements just like a regular physician. She has a background in chemistry, drug design, pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratory quality control and was shocked to discover the poor quality of supplements available for her patients. Advertised amounts of ingredients were not accurate, the identity of the ingredient was often wrong and the products were not stability tested.

She realized most products were oxidized, degraded and of an unacceptable quality. She created her own line for her Genetic Eve patients, and now that line is available to you at the clinic. Each product has been exhaustively researched, each manufacturing facility thoroughly evaluated, from the raw ingredients, to the filling line, to the storage, to the degradation data. Patients that previously were taking the same NAME of a product purchased at their local grocery or drug store, found remarkable results after using the Genetic Eve Line of supplements.

You want someone like Dr.Dunn, a physician, a scientist, a hands on pharmaceutical industrial chemist to truly know not only which supplement is advised for you, but that the product recommended can truly deliver the chemistry to your body for its support.

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