Medical Fasting

What is Medical Fasting?

Medical fasting at The P-treatment is a personalized fast under medical supervision and lab monitoring. The P-treatment fast is composed of particular foods and fluids to activate the cellular regeneration processes. 

Fasting increases stem cells, removes senescent cells, decreases visceral fat, improves blood pressure, and resets sleep cycles. The overall effect of medical fasting is whole body rejuvenation. Depending on your state of health and goals, Dr. Dunn will create your particular fasting protocol or decide if you are not a candidate.

Scheduled fasting allows for our bodies to reinvigorate, become more efficient in using energy sources, and improves detoxification pathways. The improved function in the body is partly due to the promotion of  autophagy (self-eating parts of the cell) and mitophagy (mitochondrial self eating). Newly broken down cells are reduced to core building blocks and primed to create and rebuild new healthy mitochondria and cells.

In addition to the recycling of cellular components for new cell construction, fasting also reduces dangerous visceral fat; fat that lines our liver, heart, intestines, and stomach.  The P- treatment evaluates your mitochondrial functioning prior to the fast, to set your metabolism at the exact spot it needs to use fat as a fuel source. You will take this data home with you to continue optimizing visceral fat burn as you grow new cells.  The body adapts to times of food scarcity by undergoing the constant process of cell recycling which regenerates multiple biological systems back to baseline states.

Given food abundance in the current world, and the difficulty of self imposed fasting, The P treatment offers this medically guided service and more. 

European spas have utilized fasting as a cure for arthritis for over a hundred years. Evidence demonstrates that medical fasting under supervision decreases inflammation. Therefore, medical fasting decreases incidence of diseases that are related to inflammation and pro-growth. Examples of inflammatory disease processes are: fatty liver disease, cancers, gastro-intestinal disturbances, auto-immune disorders, arthritis and heart disease. 

What to expect?

The P- Treatment offers a 5 day fast with a one day refeed, requiring a week of time. There is also a 10 day fast with a 2 day refeed,  for a select patient population. During medical fasting additional treatments are layered into the week to enhance your meatbolic pathways. 

Throughout the medical fast at The P-Treatment,  your vital signs and laboratory markers are continuously monitored to ensure a safe and efficacious experience. 

Contraindications to fasting include: those who are underweight, those with an eating disorder, those with kidney or liver disease, and those that are frail or elderly. We do not fast those requiring pro-growth states such as children or post surgery. We also do not recommend a fast within 6 weeks of a major athletic competition. 


  • Lower levels of fasting glucose.
  • Weight loss.
  • Increase in muscle mass.
  • Lower blood pressure for those who have a moderately high blood pressure.
  • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Decreases in IGF-1, (Insulin like Growth Factor, responsible for growth hormone) which is associated with a decreased risk of cancer. 
  • Lower C-reactive protein, an inflammatory maker.
  • Improved levels of concentration.
  • Glowing skin.
  • Decrease in cravings.
  • Scheduled fasting allows for our bodies to reinvigorate, become more efficient in using energy sources, and detoxify chemicals.


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