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Clock Technologies

When we are born, all of our cells have the same DNA. The cells in your eyes have the same DNA as the cells in your nails. So what makes our cells different? Each cell chooses to turn on  some genes and turn  off others. Your eyes express different genes than your hair. This is called expression, and it is controlled by the markers. Unfortunately, as we age, expression can become much harder to regulate as well and you start to lose function. In fact, aging is defined as the progressive loss of function.

Clock Technologies and in particular methylation clock technology have been shown to be the most accurate measurement of tools. Over 900,000 PLACES ON THE DNA are measured.

We use this tool in collaboration with your labs, family history, genetics, symptoms, and diseases to correlate.

And now we can measure our interventions to see if they are slowing down your clock markers.

We use the company True Diagnostics due to their robust data collection system where they use multiple clocks, CD4/CD8 immune function, telomere length as well as the DunedinPACE (for Pace of Aging Calculated from the Epigenome).

We perform Clock Testing before you arrive and after some time has passed after your treatment week to evaluate the effectiveness of your time at P-Treatment and to continue to intervene as needed. 

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