Dr. Deborah Dunn MD, MPH

Dr. Deborah Dunn MD, MPH

Dr. Deborah Dunn
Dr. Deborah Dunn, MD, MPH, is a leading physician, targeting the biologic hallmarks of aging to slow functional decline while enhancing health and longevity.

Dr. Dunn has pivoted throughout her career chasing current ideas in science and medicine. Her last shift occurred when her young daughter failed traditional medicine and was told to place her on the kidney transplant wait list. Unaccepting of her daughter’s diagnosis, Dr. Dunn continued her research and training to find a solution. Finally, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome; a collagen disorder, was determined to be the core cause of most of her symptoms. Factors that affect aging, hasten Ehler Danlos Syndrome and thus Dr. Dunn began to learn about mitochondrial health, cellular efficiency, inflammaging and genetics. She decided to share her knowledge with others and currently focuses on age-related decline.

All of Dr. Dunn’s clients are seeking similar results, to optimize their peak performance, at any stage, or age, within their lifetime — because they know biological age will not define them.

Our patients range from high-performing athletes looking to improve their superior performance capabilities, to industry leaders seeking to optimize and improve both cognition and virility, to retired mothers and fathers who have finally found the time to choose health — all of them seeking optimal health.

Nestled in the tranquil, mountain resort setting of Vail, Colorado, Dr. Dunn’s state-of-the-art clinic adheres to the strictest guidelines in patient privacy, safety, and time management — one of only a handful of institutions in the world with this specialty.

From intake through release — patients' bodies are tested under stress, calibrated, retested, and optimized using diagnostic technologies, genetic and epigenetic measurements, metabolic energy and blood analysis to create a customized plan whose benefits span from neural rewiring to sexual optimization.

Nature and time should never feel like rivals, instead they should work together to make beautiful music together by slowing the aging process and rebooting your cellular symphony…today.

The Story...

When Deborah’s young daughter began to have a multitude of health issues that traditional medicine couldn’t solve, Dr. Dunn pursued a completely different approach that took them around the world exposing Deborah already with a background in Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemistry, to medical experts exploring cutting edge biological science.

When her daughter finally received an actual diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a collagen disorder, Deborah dove headfirst into all things collagen.
Dr. Deborah Dunn
What she discovered is that collagen is not only important for wrinkles and joints, but the overall health of arteries and veins. Aging affects collagen and therefore an understanding of genetics, immune regulation, mitochondrial science, and inflammation became a primary goal.
Remarkably, her young daughter's health vastly improved as she began to apply cutting edge protocols of age management used for older patients. As she integrated these therapies for her own patients, she saw unbelievable outcomes in energy, weight, inflammation, skin health and sexual health.
Frustrated by the time restraints of a traditional clinic and knowing that true change came from intensive PULSATILE that she provided for her daughter, she sought a destination setting for her new clinic. A setting where patients could stay adjacent to the clinic in a beautiful hotel surrounded by nature.
Thus the P-Treatment was born, using Pulses of interventions, followed by controlled recovery. Optimizing safe regenerative science to heal the body and turn back the clock to our younger vital selves.

Dr. Deborah Dunn MD, MPH

Dr. Deborah Dunn is an American physician of Russian/Swiss descent. Known as the founder of Genetic Eve, her Genetics Company, that focuses on the science of inherited maternal Mitochondrial mutations, and for her medical regenerative clinics that highlight the importance of optimizing Mitochondrial health for life/health span. She is also an author of 5 books, an avid angler, skier, downhill mountain biker, art and music lover.
She received a BA degree in Chemistry from the University of Colorado and began her scientific career as a Ph.D Candidate in neuro-pharmacology at the University of Colorado Health Science Center. She transitioned into the pharmaceutical industry, working in R&D, production, and quality control for companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Allergan, and others. Her years in big pharma left her with a true appreciation for the complexity of launching new drugs.
It was while Dr. Dunn was working in the pharmaceutical world that she began observing curious health effects experienced by production line employees that sparked an interest in the relationship between illness and environmental exposures. She returned to academics and received her M.D. from the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. She completed her internship in Family Practice at the AHEC program in East Texas, her Masters from the Center of Applied Environmental Public Health department at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and her medical residency in Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Texas Health Center in Tyler, TX -- a program particularly noted for its groundbreaking study and treatment of pulmonary disease and its affiliation with one of the few PESHU (Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units) in the nation.
Dr. Dunn has worked as a physician for the petrochemical, airline, and electronic industries. She has spent many years as a consultant, both to regulatory agencies of the federal government and to the legal industry as a toxicology expert.
She was one of the early graduates of Andrew Weil’s Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona and a member of the first group of Physicians to be board certified in the specialty. It was during this time she became interested in modalities that explored the intersection of mind, body and spirit. She continued to expand her learning, completing the Institute of Functional Medicine’s education, Medical Hypnotherapy, A4M training, American and International Ozone training, Institute of Integrative Psychiatry Ketamine Certification, Peptide Certification, International Board of Undersea Medicine Certification for hyperbaric training, MDMA MAPS therapist training, Loving Kindness and Compassion Training, Shoemaker CIRS training, and private mentoring with expert physicians around the world on stem cells, peptides, hormones and more. She continues her therapeutic curiosity with planned training in hyperthermic immunotherapy.
She founded The Texas Center for Integrative Environmental Medicine in Austin, Texas, and The P-Treatment; a regenerative destination clinic in Vail, Colorado. Dr. Dunn is also the medical laboratory director of CLIA Certified Vail Mountain Lab; and provides consulting for clinical-based genetics corporations. She is licensed in Texas and Colorado.
Dr. Dunn's professional interests continue to remain centered on the role of environmental exposures on genetically susceptible individuals to accelerate aging. Her approach includes both traditional and novel methods woven together to create a personalized Protocols for each patient. She believes trauma resolution to be essential in returning the body to homeostasis and remains active in the psychedelic movement for enhancing neurodegeneration.

Dr. Margeaux Candlin DNP IHH, RN

Margeaux earned her Doctorate of Nursing Practice of Integrative Health and Healing at The University of Minnesota and her Bachelors of Nursing through the University of Colorado at Denver. Margeaux has worked as a Registered Nurse for fifteen years in the following areas: Perioperative Services, Cardiology, Plastic Surgery, and Acute Care.
Margeaux recognizes the strengths of traditional medicine yet yearned to work in a more effective model of healthcare. Margeaux had already spent years studying and teaching yoga with masters, including Annie Carpenter, and she recognized the benefits of incorporating other health systems into traditional medicine.
True to Margeaux’s nature she began pursuing the most current ideas in Integrative Medicine and systems. Throughout Margeaux’s DNP program she focused on organizational quality improvement for hospitals, assisted living, and outpatient clinics.
Besides Margeaux’s vast experience in traditional medicine she brings skills in guided imagery, aromatherapy, reiki, yoga, health coaching, nutrition, mindfulness, and meditation. Her skill set is an ideal match for The P-Treatment.
Margeaux’s mission is to empower individuals to optimize their capacity for healing using all modalities available. She recognizes health is multifaceted and consists of the synergy of spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. She also offers integrative health consultations for individuals and systems.

Jennifer Straw RN

Jennifer Straw RN, brings over 23 years of acute care nursing experience. Her expertise was learned from working in cardiovascular, neurological, surgical and medical ICU’s. Additionally, she spent years working in the emergency department, perioperative setting, interventional radiology, and an electrophysiology lab. She rounds out her medical therapeutics with experience in holistic outpatient care, infusion services, and mind body therapies. Her vast nursing skill and breadth make her an ideal team player for The P-Treatment.
Jennifer brings the understanding of navigating a health challenge within a western medicine environment. Her own journey catapulted her into integrating a broader range of health interventions. In particular, she learned first hand the benefits of yoga, meditation, and nutritional optimization. As Jennifer’s knowledge expanded, she began to offer integrative ideas to help her patients heal. Her passion was born.
Jennifer grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, and earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Gannon University. She ventured west in 2005, and chose Colorado to be her true home. Jennifer loves the beauty and nature of the Rocky Mountains, enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and paddle boarding. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher specializing in restorative classes, a Certified Health Coach, a Certified Somatic Womb Therapist, and a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. Jennifer is a lifelong learner and her current area of growth includes vector borne illness and immune modulation.


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